Roanoke Catholic Mustard Seeds Prayer Chain


The purpose of the RCS Mustard Seeds Prayer Chain is to strengthen the Roanoke Catholic School community through intercessory prayer and to provide prayerful support for those in need.

You will receive an email each week with the link to the Roanoke Catholic Mustard Seeds Prayer Chain as it is up-dated for an easy on-line connection.

All RCS Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students are welcome to submit prayers for our Prayer Chain. You do not have to be a member of the Prayer Chain List to send a prayer request, it is open to any Roanoke Catholic School friend.

Any intention you would like prayer for are welcome. Please:

  • Keep your prayer request short and concise.
  • Write the request as you want it to appear. (Prayer requests may be edited by the prayer chain coordinator if necessary for space or conciseness.)
  • Send your Prayer Request to Beth Derringer, RCS Mustard Seeds Prayer Chain Coordinator, at [email protected]. Each prayer will be kept on the list for a month, unless you notify us differently.

When you send a prayer request your name is included after the body of the request when it is sent out to the prayer list members. This enables prayer chain members to send you notes of support, if appropriate. If, for privacy, you wish that your name not be used on a prayer request you send, please note that (in parenthesis) below your name. If you wish your prayer to be anonymous, you can put it in the box of intentions in the front hall at school and the prayers in that box will be on our list each week. (God knows what prayers are in there.)

The RCS Mustard Seed Prayer Chain is sent out once a week, unless an emergency arises and we need to put something out that calls for immediate attention.


We will sometimes post news about what is happening with the Mustard Seeds. (The calendar on the web page will also have an up-dated list of events and meeting times.)

Here you will find the Gospel Reading for Sunday and a meditation to reflect upon. Family Connection will give some thoughtful questions pertaining to Sunday’s Gospel reading (which is always published) to discuss at your dinner tables or as you settle you family down.

Here there will be links to quiet meditations from Loyola Press that will reflect on the Gospel, the Liturgical Season or topics that are presented in the weekly readings. The Praise and Worship Music will give you the opportunity to listen to Popular Christian Music with up-lifting messages or songs from our Mass that provides support to the Gospel and/or Liturgical Season.

The links here take you to the daily readings and also provide a reflection from writers at Creighton On-line Ministry.

To continue our main purpose, this section will hold our prayers to be lifted to the Lord. As always, please email [email protected] with any prayers you would like our community to lift up for you.

Please always check in on our ROANOKE CATHOLIC PRAYER INTENTIONS on the webpage to lift up friends and family in our community asking for prayer.

We are open to any suggestions you may have from Prayer Chains you are or have been involved with, or any new elements you think could enrich our Prayer Chain. Please feel free to send any feedback to [email protected].

We ask God’s Blessing over our Roanoke Catholic Mustard Seeds Prayer Chain and pray that He will guide us as we try to bring our wonderful school community together for Him.