Roanoke Catholic installing new commercial wireless network

As part of a comprehensive school-wide technology upgrade, Roanoke Catholic has begun installing a new $60,000 commercial wireless network that will serve the entire school and Upper School gym.

Much of the project involves installing new wiring throughout the campus to a central console. When completed by Christmas, the new network will allow for faster Internet access and greater connectivity for laptops and other wireless devices. In addition, connecting the Upper School gym will allow for broadcasting of events that are hosted either by Roanoke Catholic or by organizations that rent the facility.

Approximately $20,000 of the project’s cost is being reimbursed through a federal e-rate grant.

This summer, Roanoke Catholic upgraded its computer systems for faculty and staff and created new computer labs for students. Room 202 in the Upper School now features 16 laptops and desktops for classroom use. The library — which is currently being wired as a Diocese of Richmond learning center for southwest Virginia — now has 15 desktops and five laptops, while Upper School Room 303 has 18 computers.

The school also purchased a 3D printer this summer which, in addition to the new computers, has led to the creation of a new engineering class.