How to Give

Charitable contributions cover 25% of the average cost of educating a child at Roanoke Catholic, and help support the more than 40% of our students who rely on tuition assistance to afford a Roanoke Catholic education.

We are “Catholic” not only in our faith but in the word’s original sense — “universal” or open to all families who aspire to our standards of academic excellence, familial values, and faith in the Gospel.

Your generosity makes this possible. Thank you so much for your financial gifts, and for your spiritual support that we continue our mission of blending learning with faith and faith with daily life.

Annual Fund

Your unrestricted tax-deductible contribution to our Annual Fund provides critical tuition assistance to deserving families and bolsters teacher salaries.


For donations of stock, please contact Joanna Coleman at 540.685.1046.

Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits program

Under this program, enacted by the Virginia General Assembly in 2013, donors receive their standard federal and state tax deductions plus Virginia Tax Credits equal to 65% of the donation. For instance, your $1,000 gift (which provides tuition assistance to qualifying families) can save you as much $988 on your tax bill depending on your tax bracket … and in the case of a securities donation, can actually make you money.

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Designated Gift

Do you have a passion for the arts, athletics, academics or ministry? Your tax-deductible contribution can be designated for a particular Roanoke Catholic program that is devoted to one of these areas. For a list of opportunities, contact Joanna Coleman, Dean of Advancement at 540.685.1046.

For more information about the following, contact Joanna Coleman, Dean of Advancement, at 540.685.1046.


Bequests offer an excellent opportunity for you to make a significant gift to Roanoke Catholic. You may designate in your will a specific bequest amount or a percentage of your estate, or you may name the school as the remainder beneficiary of your estate.

Life Insurance

Make Roanoke Catholic the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy, or you may purchase a new policy for the benefit of Roanoke Catholic. Insurance policies can be written so that you will have both an income tax deduction for the premiums you pay and an estate tax deduction for the proceeds of the policy. Roanoke Catholic School staff will gladly provide you with additional information about this unique gift.

Real Estate

Give your home, farm, or other property to Roanoke Catholic and retain the right to live in your home for the rest of your life. Such a gift provides an immediate substantial charitable tax deduction determined by the market value of your property and by your age at the time of the gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Place money, securities or property in a charitable trust for Roanoke Catholic and receive an annual income for life. The donor may designate the school to be the beneficiary. The donor receives an immediate substantial charitable tax deduction determined by the market value of the assets placed in the trust and the donor age at the time of the gift. Such a charitable trust may have the form of either an Annuity Trust which provides a fixed income each year or a Unitrust which provides income annually at an agreed upon percent of the value of the assets at the time of the annual payment.

Gift Annuity

A gift annuity can provide you with a guaranteed income for life and the assurance that the remainder will be used as you direct. Gift annuity agreements contain standard annuity rates which vary with the donor’s age. Confidential information will be prepared at your request.

St. Andrew’s Church photo collagest-andrews-collage-fb

We’ve collected our favorite photos of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church and arranged them in this 11×17-inch collage. This piece features pictures by Roanoke’s leading photographers: Amy Pearman, Terry Aldhizer, Siobhan Cline and Don Petersen. Proceeds benefit the RCS Annual Fund.

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