FCA seniors share their faith

IMG_2528Four Roanoke Catholic seniors — all athletes in our winter sports — shared their Christian faiths at today’s FCA breakfast: Brian Sakalas (wrestling), Danny Brajdic (swimming), Gabby Mclelland (girl’s basketball), and JJ Krajnik (boy’s basketball).

We’d like to share with you Gabby’s remarks:

I must admit that when I was asked to talk this morning, I had no idea what to even do or say. Because the pen may be mightier than the sword, but my basketball skills are mightier than my pen. Besides my struggle as where to even begin, I had to think about the direction and emotion I wanted to talk with. Should this be funny and lighthearted or serious and awe-inspiring? So I settled for just making it rhyme to make it a little more entertaining for everyone …

I have attended Roanoke Catholic since Pre-K
With Our Lord God guiding me day by day,
Though not at first, I had to find Him on my way.

I’ve always been a good student, with all As and maybe a B,
But hard studying in its entirety
Lacks goals, lacks purpose without influence from the Trinity

I learned that lesson quickly, and let God be my guide
So He can teach me by my side
In all my actions and choices that I decide

So I bring Him with me to the court and my game
To play with all my gifts and talents, not for fame
But to give it all back in His name.

1,000 rebounds, 1,500 points, my feats are not for me
They’re for my coaches, parents, and basketball family
To turn God’s plan into my reality

I’m not perfect, I have days where I’m off
Every shot is too strong, an air-ball too soft
I dribble off my own foot, or my passes weak and loft

But I don’t give up and turn my back
I will never quit and decide to slack
Because God is my fuel to help me attack

Those days where nothing seems to be going right
Blinded by my own pride, a slave to the night
Before I regain humility and find peace in the light

Every lay-up I take and jump ball I win
I do for Him, because I’m bound to sin
In my basketball game, or that of life, again and again

So I take off my shoes, pack up my bag, like a bball bum
Going wherever people will appreciate where I’m from
To take with them the new person they were meant to become.